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Why is the Protection of Your Work Using 'Copyright' Necessary in the UK? - Copyright Guides

Copyright Guides


Why is the Protection of Your Work Using ‘Copyright’ Necessary in the UK?

When you document something, you have the legal guarantee that your work is secure. If you break the law, you must prove that your actions were legal by exhibiting that you have the necessary authority to copyright the project to complete it legally.

Copyright is a common intellectual property type. Any work that isn’t a copy of another is automatically accorded and declared an original. For instance, photographs are protected by intellectual property rights once printed on paper or another medium. And, more precisely, you should be wondering, ‘how does the copyright protection factor protect my work in this picture? Read on to learn more about how and why to register your copyright to know better.

Why to copyright your work?

While an author’s copyright is a natural right, proving infringement can be difficult. Earlier, self-sending work was an old but ineffective practice. Due to the ease of opening and changing or simply sealing the envelope, this method does not provide compelling proof in the event of a conflict. In a copyright dispute, an allegation against you may stand without more evidence. At the same time, an opposing counsel and well-funded opponents may make a favourable outcome difficult. Furthermore, in the event of a dispute, registering the work ensures the best possible verification of the date and content of your work.

What do you need to know about the Copyright Service in the United Kingdom?

One of the essential factors in establishing the service was to provide a higher level of copyright protection at an affordable price for everyone. The Copyright Cover’s protection service, as a witnessing service and archive of original works, is primarily concerned with providing objective evidence of ownership to those who seek it. Although there is no way to guarantee complete protection for your work, we believe that registering your copyright and following our guidelines will ensure that you have done everything possible to protect your work. 

Anything that is a one-of-a-kind piece of work is acceptable including the following: 

§  Music, lyrics, and sound recordings

§  Work on website building and design

§  Public relations, tactics, plans, and developments

§  Graphs, maps, and labels

§  Computer programmes

§  Film scripts

§  Manuscripts and book synopsis

§  Photographs and works of art

§  Invoices, contracts, and letterhead publications such as periodicals, catalogues, and newsletters

§  Participating in Video Games (rules and descriptions)

§  pre-patent ideas

After your work is approved for publication, what happens next?

Every job has its account number, and we will keep track of all job data in the database. We will store your work in our secure archives and assign it a unique registration number to identify it. Backups are encrypted and stored in multiple locations that are remotely located. This safeguard ensures that data corruption, fire, and other risks are avoided.

A certificate will be sent to you as proof of your registration. Mail-in submissions will be returned with a paper certificate. If you submit your application online and request a PDF certificate, you will receive an email. If you want, you can request additional paper certificates on the registration form. Our dedicated staff takes great care to keep copies of your work safe and secure for the duration of your registration.

You’ll also be notified before your registration expires. Your personal information, your work, and any data associated with it are all kept strictly confidential. The existence of an entry in our archive serves as proof of copyright ownership dating back to the date of registration and will be helpful in the event of a legal dispute.

Now take a look at various options available to register your work. 

Where to register your work? 

You can register your work through our Online portal.  The Online registration service is the quickest and most convenient way to register for a conference or workshop. As a result of this action, your work is immediately protected from any unauthorised use.

What happens if the work is infringed upon or changes after it is registered?

As an independent witness, we can provide evidence to support your claim in the event of a dispute, acting as an impartial third party. With the help of a registration certificate (additional copies can be made at your request), we can determine when the work was first registered. Upon your request, we can send copies of your work to any address you specify, including your lawyer or the judge/tribunal handling your case. If a work changes after it has been registered and you want the new content protected, you can submit a registration update also.

Furthermore, we can create a new evidence deposit, this time with a date, to show the evolution of your work.

Now the question that may arise in your mind is what if you want to extend the deadline for registration? Let’s throw a light on it as follows. 


Hopefully, the blog covers all the necessary steps to get your work registered under copyright laws in the UK. Whether you choose a postal application or online application, you must ensure that you provide all the necessary documents to service providers in order to copyright your work. 

Still for more information you can Contact Us and one of the representatives will soon get in touch with you. .