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Protect Your Logos, Scripts, Books, Training Manuals, Music, Songs, Lyrics, Artworks, Websites From Global Thefts. We Witness Ownership

Worldwide Copyright Protection Registration For Just £19.99 with 30 Day Money Back Policy & Confidentiality Guaranteed!

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Very Easy and simple process to protect the new creation of my unpublished book and business brand prior to my launch. Thank you for the awesome process.

- Timothy McIver

The process was seamless and a pleasant user experience. I will definitely be using this service going forward.

- Josh Campbell

I am delighted by the service. Website easy to use. Instant copyright and mobile friendly. Highly Recommend

- Rupert Goodson

Excellent service worth every penny for ease of mind. Highly recommended

- Logan Alvarez

Simply brilliant. First rated customer service and prompt response.

- Sarah Morrison

Thanks, allot! This service makes me sleep well at night, And the help made it so much easier to fill out the Registration

- Billy Howard

Received my digital certificate within seconds

- Paul Scott

As a veteran music composer in the UK. I find it hard to get a reliable service to protect my copyright. This one do what it says on the tin. You have won me over!

- Michelle Allen

Had an initial problem uploading my work. Spoke to a soft-spoken lady that directed me how to go about it and showed a drag and drop functionality on their website. What a great feature.

- Andrea Rivera

Easy And Affordable.

- Virginia Flores

Used this service to protect my songs and lyrics online.

- Gloria James

An affordable and brilliant way of protecting your work. In the past I have had to get solicitors to carry out this service and charged enormous fees. Now I can register my copyright and get evidence for my complex designs and creations.

- Julie Reyes

Incredibly easy way to evidence ownership of my logo and company brands

- Gary Taylor

Great process and easy to use website. Do not wait Copyright Cover now!

- Emily Cruz

Very easy website and helpful customer service

- Tyler James

The only affordable copyright protection service out there.

- Joyce Gomez

As an online coach there is a lot of copyright infringement on the web. This service puts my mind at rest, and I have been able to takedown content thieves on the web by providing them evidence of my original creations and demanding compensation. Without copyright cover none of this would have been possible. Amazing!

-Dennis Torres

Exactly what I was looking for, for my books going into production next month!

- Maria Perez

Brilliant and trustworthy - 5 star

- Steven Cruz

Easy to register no lengthy forms to fill in, google integration and cheap subscription. Can’t ask for more!

- Josie Martinez

Excellent service fast and easy

- Andrea Harris

Copyright cover is the best ever (I have shopped around) instant certificate in less than a minute, whole process under 2 minutes !

- Angela Philips

Secure, fast and affordable way to protect my logo from content thieves. I look at copyright cover as an insurance take out

- Stephen Mendoza

Quick, informative response and was very friendly.

- Logan Alvarez


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We offer fast, reliable protection of all types of content, including but not limited to: logos, text, media, website material, designs, and artwork.

CopyrightCover safeguards your content and products by the book under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

All our copyright registrations include unique, individual reference numbers to identify them, and our clients have access to our instant certification service. This marks the time and date of the registration, so the owner and origin will never be reasonably disputable.


CopyrightCover is composed of highly qualified experts from across the legal and DRM industries. With Thousands of happy customers and over 25 years of combined team experience defending digital, conceptual, and intellectual property.

We have the expertise and experience to quickly resolve all types of infringement issues, but we also have the comprehension and capability necessary to prevent them from arising in the first place.

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Legal Disputes Are Inconvenient, Difficult, And Costly.

Copyrighting your work is fast, easy, and affordable.

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Confidential Data Storage Vault

All your work can be stored in our Secure Vault and downloaded at any time.

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Protecting Yourself From Content Thieves

Our vault is not only secure, it’s confidential, marked, and timestamped, insulating it against hostile actors.

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Professional Takedown Services

We provide the fastest takedown service available in the UK to rapidly eliminate any and all content infringements, halting unauthorized distribution and spread as rapidly as possible.

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Instant Digital Certificates

Free, internationally accepted digital copyright certificates

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Free Use Of Our Copyright Logo Available For Use

Warn off potential infringements with our copyright protection logo.

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Copyright Protection Active In Under 5 Minutes.

Our nearly instant copyright certificates mean your content will never be at risk of dispute.

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For £19.99 per year Copyright upto 5 Creative Works, with 30 day money back guarantee included.

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