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A copyright page usually precedes the Table of Contents and subsequently follows the Book Title page. This page should include essential details such as:

• Copyright Notice
• Author(s) Name
• Publication Year
• Publication and Publishers Information
• Edition Information
• History of Printing
• Website
• Legal Notices
• Credits to contributors
• International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
• A Disclaimer
If you are looking to copyright a self-published book, these are the important things to note:

Copyright notice

The copyright notice is a very crucial element to add to your copyright page. The symbol "c" signifies Copyright, which usually precedes other copyright information such as Year of Publication, and the name or pseudonym of the author.
Example: © 2021 by Adam Bachor

Add the edition information

Indicate the edition of your published book on your copyright page. Some books also add it to the title or cover page.

Reservation for book rights

Include a disclaimer page to serve as a warning against intellectual property theft. Here is an abridged version:
Example: © 2021 by Adam Bachor. All Rights Reserved.

Add your ISBN Number

Paperback and e-books have unique ISBNs to serve as an identifier for the book and the publisher.
It is not mandatory to write a copyright page with several paragraphs. Most importantly, include your copyright notice stating that all rights are reserved to the copyright holder.


To prove that your song or musical work is copyrighted, you must add the copyright symbol, and here's an example of how to use the symbol.

© Copyright 2012-2023 Name. All Rights Reserved.

Note: the “Name” part should be replaced with your actual name.
This is just a basic copyright expression if you don’t use a copyright registration service.
However, to make everything easier and more professional, COPYRIGHT COVER. offers a copyright registration service. Using Copyright Cover. service provides you with a unique copyright reference number that is only meant for your work. This number cannot be used by anyone else, and that makes it easier to prove that you're the first person to produce or publish your music.
Here’s an example of how your copyright information will appear when you register with Copyright Cover.

© Copyright 2012-2023 Name. All Rights Reserved.

Protected with Copyright Cover. Ref. Num: 01588xxx

There are quite many benefits to gain when you copyright your music using a copyright registration service, and with Copyright Cover., the entire process is smooth and stress-free