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Copyright a Song in the U.K.

Copyright a Song in the U.K.

It is essential for musicians and other entertainers to understand how to copyright a song in U.K. If you are a music artist or a singer/songwriter in the United Kingdom, it’s imperative that you know how to copyright a song in the UK as music copyright laws vary greatly from country to country. Understanding how to protect your work is essential if you want to protect your legal rights as a musician. An online copyright registration is recommended. Whenever you want to secure copyright over your sound recording.

how to copyright a song in UK

Prior to you even consider signing away your intellectual rights, learn how to copyright a song in U.K. The music industry in the UK has come under fire in recent years due to pirate downloading. Many labels, including Virgin, Sony, Universal and BPI have threatened to sue individuals downloading music off file sharing sites. This has prompted many people to seek professional legal help to protect their copyrights from these thieves. If you feel that you may be a victim of pirates, you can use an online copyright registration service to protect your music legally.